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View large image of Gillette Fusion Power  Cartridges - 4 pcs. View large image of Gillette Fusion Power  Cartridges - 4 pcs.

Gillette Fusion Power Cartridges - 4 pcs.

Box of 4 replacement cartridges for the Gillette Fusion razor. Lasts for at least 3 months.
Manufacturers: Gillette , Miscellaneous
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There are 4 blades on each cartridge, this is achieved by having the blades 30% closer to each other than the Mach3!

The blades are treated with Vitamin E and oils, and there's an indicator when it's time to change the blade. The Ferrari of blades.

Also, on each blade, there's a precision trimmer special for the Gillette Fusion Phenom, allows easy trimming of sideburns and other facial hair.

Each blade will last 20-30 days, giving that you use it every day. The indicator will tell you when to change.

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