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Gillette Fusion Power - Razor

Premier Razor from Gilette. This razor has got 5 blades, ensuring a smooth shave. Package contains 5 Blade shaving cartridge + 1 Precision trimmer.
Manufacturer: Gillette
Pricing from: $23.58
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Battery-Powered Shaving System.
Pulsates for more gentle shaving, smooth skin as you never experienced before. The pulsator will blast your face with high frequency sound waves. The idea is that skin ripples ever so slightly, hairs stand on end and are easier to cut. There's a battery indicator and it turns off automatically.

5 blades + 1 trimmer
The combination of battery and 5 blades will make for a super smooth shaving.

The trimmer ensures that you get to all those hard to get places (hairline, nose etc.)

This shaver is compatible with the Pheonom cartridge, which will ensure that you know when to change. Each cartridge will last for app. 30 days. (there's one in this package).

For tips on how to shave, see our guide here: /topic/24-how-to-get-the-best-shave.aspx