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Til Barbering - Gillette Gel Sensitive - Nænsom Gel (200ml)

The gel that helps you soften your skin. Are you getting rashes after shaving, you should consider this gel. It gives the razor a better glide by creating a friction free layer. Based on a Aloe Vera formula.
Manufacturer: Gillette
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Lotion to use before, during and after the shave.

Some see it as the secret ingredient for a shave. It gives a far better feel both under and after the shave. Combine several product to get the optimal result. Try it, it reallt does make a difference.

Why it works.

When shaving, yoou are moving the razor head over old stubbles, in grown hairs, grease and dirt. That shortens the life of your razor and gives an uneven shave. Though you might not feel it during the shave, you are sure to feel it after if you haven´t used lotion or gel.

Gillete Series products helps you ease the irritation that make occur, and help you to get that clean shavel. Nothing beats the feeeling of stepping out into the world, ready to conquer the world, with a cool after shave feel.