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Women likes stubbs, however the beard needs to be groomed and looked after, otherwise its  a turnoff.

PostMeShave has trimmers that can give that 3 day look and any other length that you prefer.

Make sure to shave and make a visible line on cheeks and neck. Also keep a close shave where you don´t want stubbs. Find the best prices on many machines, for example PhilipsRemingtonBraun and Panasonic below.

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Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler

Picture of Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler
NEW MODEL! Master your style with one easy tool, the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler.
Pricing from: $36.67 $20.47

Babyliss for Men - Multi-6 Trimmer for face E823E

Picture of Babyliss for Men - Multi-6 Trimmer for face E823E
This is a multi purpose trimmer for the face. There is a 32 mm blade, 3 cutting guides (6-9-12) and 6 precision guides (from 1,5 to 4 mm). Also comes with nose and ear accessories. Made of durable stainless steel blades.

Babyliss for Men - 3D Control Beard Trimmer & Shaver - E868E

Picture of Babyliss for Men - 3D Control Beard Trimmer & Shaver - E868E
This is a neat little shaver from BaByliss. With two cutting guides and 48 cutting lengths, as well as a head that swivels to follow the contours of your face, this shaver gives you precision and control in 3 dimensions. Easy to use and easy to clean...
Pricing from: $110.45 $92.04

Philips QT4000

Picture of Philips QT4000
Style your beard as you like! Here is a delicious beard trimmer that can create a cool 3-day beard or whatever you want with the 10 settings ranging from 1 - 10 mm.
Pricing from: $51.84 $41.09

Panasonic skægtrimmer ER-GD60-S803

Picture of Panasonic skægtrimmer ER-GD60-S803
Med præcision i højsædet går du ikke på kompromis med denne skægtrimmer i høj kvalitet. Den er skånsom mod huden
Pricing from: $147.12 $44.03

Panasonic 7 in 1 Grooming Kit - ER-GY10CM504

Picture of Panasonic 7 in 1 Grooming Kit - ER-GY10CM504
This grooming kit from Panasonic contains everything a man needs to trim his hair anywhere on the body: hair, beard, eyebrows, nosehair, earhair and bodyhair. The kit includes attachments and comb guides made specifically for different parts of the...
Pricing from: $88.21 $71.28

Panasonic Hair Clipper - ER-GC71

Picture of Panasonic Hair Clipper - ER-GC71
This hair clipper from Panasonic is a handy tool for cutting your hair and beard exactly the way you want it. The ergonomic design rests easy in your hand and the 48 settings for cutting length puts precision and control at your command. Easy to...
Pricing from: $94.25 $91.12

Remington PG6150 Groom Kit Plus

Picture of Remington PG6150 Groom Kit Plus
This ultimate cordless grooming gadget does everything when it comes to facial hair styling and personal grooming. Pioneer is a brilliant 'all in' kit, delivering unmatched versatility and a stellar performance time after time.
Pricing from: $66.12 $40.35

Remington MB4110 Stubble-Kit Beard Trimmer (1 unit)

Picture of Remington MB4110 Stubble-Kit Beard Trimmer (1 unit)
New clever trimmer from Remington. It´ll give you the rough 3 day look.
Pricing from: $66.12 $39.32

Remington MB4045 Beard Kit

Picture of Remington MB4045 Beard Kit
Because every beard is different, this advanced piece of kit includes a selection of 3 combs to ensure complete versatility when grooming and shaping your facial hair.
Pricing from: $73.49 $44.03

Remington Vacuum Beard Trimmer - MB6850

Picture of Remington Vacuum Beard Trimmer - MB6850
The handy Vacuum beard trimmer from Remington vacuums as you shave, so you can shave quickly without bother and extra cleaning. The Beard & Grooming kit includes a comb guide for a length of 2-18mm, as well as a detailtrimmer for crisp, clear lines....
Pricing from: $102.94 $45.36

Remington MB050

Picture of Remington MB050
Pricing from: $58.76 $35.79