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Braun CoolTec CT2s

Picture of Braun CoolTec CT2s
World’s 1st shaver with active cooling technology. You also get a automatic clean and charge station. Braun’s °CoolTec is a revolutionary new dry shaver that has the power to take the heat out of shaving and put shaving irritation on ice. This...
Pricing from: $191.30 $117.67

Braun MobileShave - M-60

Picture of Braun MobileShave - M-60
A great and compact machine from Braun for those weekend getaways and holidays.

Braun MobileShave - M-90

Picture of Braun MobileShave - M-90
MobileShave (PocketGo) compact design ensures it is the ideal companion at work, on business trips, holidays or even long weekends away. It fits in every pocket and is ideal for quick touch-ups on the go. Its wide Floating Foil technology provides an...

Braun Barbermaskine - Serie 1 - 130s-1 - Wall Shaver

Picture of Braun Barbermaskine - Serie 1 - 130s-1 - Wall Shaver
The perfect shaver series from Braun for demanding beginners.
Pricing from: $73.49 $32.25

Braun shaver - Series 3 - 3000s (black)

Picture of Braun shaver - Series 3 - 3000s (black)
Get a close, comfortable and quick shave with the Braun Series 3 - 3000 shaver.
Pricing from: $106.47 $64.65

Braun Series 5 - 5030s

Picture of Braun Series 5 - 5030s
Series 5 is equipped with a unique combination of power and precision for uncompromising performance without sacrificing on skin comfort
Pricing from: $250.21 $86.74

Braun Shaver - Series 9 - 9240S

Picture of Braun Shaver - Series 9 - 9240S
Shaver with high efficiency and comfort with Syncro Sonic - 40.000 cross-cutting actions per minute and 10D flex head. Can be used wet and dry.
Pricing from: $441.66 $220.75

Remington PG6150 Groom Kit Plus

Picture of Remington PG6150 Groom Kit Plus
This ultimate cordless grooming gadget does everything when it comes to facial hair styling and personal grooming. Pioneer is a brilliant 'all in' kit, delivering unmatched versatility and a stellar performance time after time.
Pricing from: $66.12 $40.35